Diagnostic Services

Digital Radiology

Cat Hospital of Orlando Diagnostic Services

X-rays are extremely useful at diagnosing medical and surgical problems, including tumors, foreign bodies, heart and lung diseases and gastrointestinal problems. The Cat Hospital of Orlando uses digital X-Ray equipment and software which facilitates more accurate diagnostic care. The on-site digital x-ray equipment for both medical and dental radiology provides high-quality resolution to aid in the quick diagnosis and treatment of your cat.


Electrocardiography is a diagnostic tool used in recording the heart's electrical activity. ECG is useful in identifying cardiac arrhythmias, heart disease and other cardiac problems. We provide ECG services on-site as well as consultations with cardiology specialists.


Endoscopy is a useful tool to diagnose and treat problems of the gastrointestinal tract. An endoscope allows us to visualize areas of your cat's body that would not be accessible without invasive surgery. An endoscope is a long tube equipped with a lighted camera. The camera is connected to a monitor, and during the procedure, images are transmitted to the monitor that allows the veterinarian to diagnose gastrointestinal disorders, cancerous growths, polyps and more.

Endoscopic procedures require anesthesia to keep your cat still. However, the amount of anesthesia required and the subsequent recovery time is far less than what would be required for a surgical procedure.

Video Vet Scope

The Video Vet Scope is a specially-designed video endoscope that is used to examine your cat's ears. This device allows us to see deep into your cat's ear canal. The images are then transmitted to a television screen that, giving the veterinarians a highly detailed view of your cat's ear. The Video Vet Scope is useful in diagnosing ear infections and other health problems.


Similar to an X-ray but often more accurate, ultrasound provides a real-time, moving picture of your cat's internal functions. Used primarily for abdominal or cardiac illnesses, ultrasound allow us to look inside your cat and perform organ biopsies that would otherwise require surgery. Used without anesthesia, ultrasound examination is less invasive, less stressful and more comfortable for your cat when determining the cause of an illness.

Specialist Consultations

We offer in-hospital referrals to an internal medicine specialist who performs ultrasound and endoscopic procedures. The specialist sometimes helps us diagnose more complicated cases.

Cat Hospital of Orlando Diagnostic Services

Allergy Testing

Allergies can be caused by a number of factors in your household environment, including food, fleas to dust, mites and other irritants. We use a variety of allergy tests—including skin-testing—to determine which allergies are affecting your cat. Testing for allergies is a painless procedure. The veterinarians at The Cat Hospital of Orlando will place your cat under light sedation and draw a grid on his or her skin. We then inject possible allergens under the skin. After waiting a short period of time, the skin is checked for reactions, allowing us to determine your cat's allergies. Once the allergen is determined, we can treat the allergy effectively.