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Keeping your cat's teeth clean and healthy is one of the most important steps you can take when it comes to preventive health care. When your cat's teeth aren't clean, bad breath isn't the only problem your cat faces. Built-up plaque and tartar on your cat's teeth and gums can lead to periodontal disease, which results in bleeding, severe inflammation of the gums, alveolar bone loss (the bone that supports the tooth) and tooth mobility. As periodontal disease progresses, the bacteria can spread from the mouth, travel through the blood and cause damage to the liver, kidneys and heart. Periodontal disease is extremely common—more than 80 percent of cats have this problem by the time they reach 4 years of age—however, it is preventable.

The Cat Hospital of Orlando offers comprehensive dental cleanings and examinations. If tartar has formed on your cat's teeth, a routine dental cleaning is necessary. Dental cleanings are vastly different for your cat than they are for humans. A cleaning requires a general anesthetic and a day's hospitalization.

Your cat's dental cleaning begins with a physical examination in order to evaluate your cat's general health. Next, your cat is given an anesthetic for a safe and painless sleep during the dental cleaning. Tartar is removed from your cat's teeth with a hand scaler. Next, a periodontal probe checks for pockets under the gum line where periodontal disease and bad breath start. An ultrasonic scaler is used to clean above the gum line, while a curette cleans and smoothens the teeth under the gum line in the crevice. Next, your pet's teeth are polished, creating a smooth surface. Finally, the gums are washed with an anti-bacterial solution to help delay tartar build-up under the gum line and on the crowns of the teeth.

Proper dental care doesn't end when your cat leaves the hospital. Brushing your cat's teeth is an excellent way between hospital visits to ensure your cat's teeth, gums and mouth are healthy. The staff at The Cat Hospital of Orlando can show you the proper method of brushing your cat's teeth. Annual veterinary dental care and home dental care will help keep your cat's breath fresh and gums and teeth healthy.

Cat Hospital of Orlando Dental Services